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Target group
Versatile training equipment ideal for gymnasts of all ages and skill levels. Tumble tracks are used by sportsmen worldwide

From basic training exercise to complex combinations of the highest degree of difficulty
AirTrack can be used for every phase in making a finely tuned athlete.

airgym-tracksThe flattest track in the market
Because of the unique seam connection
Exercises can be endlessly repeated without strain or injury to ankles and joints
There is a stable, comfortable landing surface
The sublime stability enables trainers to stand on the AirTrack and to provide onsite assistance during training

Well marked orientation strips The sides have a higher safety-edge demarcated by a different colour
Base is provided with anti skid strips

Ready for use in less than 5 minutes (including inflation): ideal for training and demonstrations
Can be transported and stored as a handy small package
Can be personalized with ample space for commercials, sponsors or the name of your gymnastic club (inter-changeable through Velcro attachment or fixed on your AirTrack)
Personalize your AirTrack even more by altering the colouration. You can choose from an array of colours making the AirTrack distinctly yours!

Most airtight inflatable tumbling track available
Because of the new fully automatic HF-welding machine
The combination of the strengthened PVC and the super strong seams ensure a minimal loss of air
Perfect stability guarantees higher bounce and rebound
Simultaneous practicing by multiple people is possible in both the same and opposite direction
Choose the precise degree of hardness that fits you with our step less adjustable fan (hardness can be adjusted up to 400 kg per m2)
Both top and base are high frequency welded
Made with durable materials guaranteeing long life

Technical data10m x 2m x 20cm air track tumble track
The strengthened PVC guarantees durability, is easy to clean and feels comfortable
Open construction with 'downdrops' for optimal air movement
Available in various sizes and colours

AirTrack is the most airtight track on the market, however, to compensate for the loss of air from normal use we include a powerful fan. This ensures that you always have the optimal air pressure, giving you many more hours of enjoyment!

Available in 21 different sizes to suit the space you have available: You have a choice
of two widths - 2,0m or 2,8m, 7 lengths, 9,0m, 10m, 11m, 12m, 13m, 14m or 15m and 2 depths, 20cm and 30cm




Air Gym Air Track tumble run inflatable Gymnasium track

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